"Working with cookline on our recent project stands out as the single best construction experience I have ever had, having been involved in developing a half dozen new restaurants. They are a really sophisticated outfit, great communicators and deliver on their commitments around timing and cost. Outside of the quality of their work, the team are extremely personable and easy to work with. The quality of the work provided by their subs was also excellent. Finally, I really appreciated how Levi handled a few issues that came up through the process, as they always do, he was very measured and fair, and we easily got to a place where everyone felt good. I can't imagine working with a different company on any future projects we have in San Francisco." - David White, Flour + Water Pizzeria


We are building a community of excellent restaurants.

We are passionate about building quality restaurants. We love the community that restaurants provide in the Bay Area and are excited to provide new building work, remodels and maintenance to the Bay Area’s best places to eat. Understanding your dream and the details that are important to you is our first priority.

Whether opening a new space or remodeling an existing restaurant, timely construction is critical to opening a new space. We strive to reduce the stress of construction by providing comprehensive project management services.


We work collaboratively with chefs and restaurateurs from project conception to opening. We are excited to hear what you have planned. We can provide preconstruction services, which offer our experienced insight into best approaches regarding design and budget, and to build the budgetary estimate once early drawings are ready. Most importantly, all this work in advance clears up any areas of ambiguity so, when the time comes, our project team goes into the construction phase with as much information and decision as possible to help keep the build prompt and efficient.

If you’ve already identified a space and have plans and permitting, we are also ready to jump in and get the work done to open your restaurant.  We’ll provide you with a knowledgeable team, balanced by both restaurant and construction backgrounds that will schedule and execute the building of your space.  They will provide updates on timing and progress throughout.


Established restaurants unavoidably will show wear after a time. With so many people through your doors, it’s inevitable that the floors will show tread, and the finishes will dull. That’s a mark of success, but we understand that updating is necessary and that doing it quickly, so doors do not need to be closed for long while doing so is crucial. We can assist in meticulously planning, scheduling and executing a remodel of an area of your restaurant, or just a refresh of a specific finish in a way that minimizes the disruption to your business.


To help our valued clients, we are pleased to offer an in-house service and maintenance team.  Consisting of experienced builders, as well as the Bay Area’s most expedient tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers and roofers.  Whether you are experiencing a leaking roof, or a need to replace a floor drain, we can provide service top to bottom.  This service is designed to provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have direct access to professional and expert help when you need it.